SSSC is happy to announce E-Expo 2021, Energizing the Future

Held virtually on March 6th, 2021

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Check out information about E-Expo 2020 below!

History of E-Expo

Engineering Exposition (E-Expo), formerly known as E-Days, is an annual event sponsored by the Speed School Student Council (SSSC). This event is a long-standing tradition that dates back to 1970’s. E-Expo aims to expose local K-12 students to STEM fields, to showcase student competitions and research, and to promote the University of Louisville, the J.B. Speed School of Engineering (SSoE), and the Speed School Student Council to the local community. In past years, the event has included networking opportunities, corporate representation, departmental showcases, STEM demonstrations, and competitions for K-12, undergraduate, and graduate students. Each year, a new theme is selected based on the keynote speaker’s industry focus/area of interest. Examples of previous themes include 3D printing, automotive, sustainable energy, and transportation.


Event Objectives

  • To provide STEM enrichment opportunities to K-12 students

  • To inspire and encourage younger students to explore the many fields of engineering

  • To share information about UofL and SSoE Admissions with prospective students

  • To allow prospective students to experience the culture of UofL and the SSoE

  • To provide opportunities for networking between young alumni and current/prospective engineering students

  • To showcase the various departments, labs/facilities, and student societies/organizations at the SSoE

  • To recognize high-achieving K-12 and current students

  • To promote entrepreneurial opportunities and local start up companies to the Louisville community

Management & Organization

In order for this event to become a reality, many students, professors, and faculty provide their input, professional hours, and volunteer outside of classes. E-Expo is organized and run by the Speed School Student Council, which is one of the largest and most active student councils of the University of Louisville’s student body.

Company Partners

E-Expo would not be possible without the help of our partners. Brown and Caldwell graciously sponsored this event. We greatly appreciate the help Techshot has provided with organizing the keynote address. We would like to thank Carmichael's Bookstore for providing some of the awards and Wayside Christian Mission for our service project.


Space Place

1st - Spaceballs

Rube Goldberg

Elementary School Division

1st - NASA Girls

2nd - ABC Rockets

3rd - Group 9

Middle School Division

1st - LA Rockets

Balsa Wood Bridge

Efficiency                               K-8:                               Construction

1st - Ayoub Nagdy                                                                  1st - Ifrah Shaik

         2nd - Griffin McNamara                                   2nd - Nadia Abugabal and Aisha Abdulbaqi

3rd - Musa Nagdy                                                                     2nd - Amir Aminov

High School:    

1st Sam, Nick, and Conner                         1st - Jaxon Elwell, Simon Smith, and Corey Williams

2nd - Campbell, Clark, and Whatley                                      2nd - Campbell, Clark, and Whatley

3rd - Wyatt, Brendon, Ryan, and Connor                          2nd - Feldkamp and Huff from Team 9


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